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About Me

Who is behind Mary's Hook and Needle?  Why me of course!  My name is Mary and I am the owner and head creator at Mary's Hook and Needle.  I am the wife of my wonderful husband who has always supported my dreams and endeavors for over two decades now.  I am the mother of two wonderful children who are both creative in their own ways.   I hope they will soon be selling their own creations alongside mine.  I am a home educator who chooses to bring her children up loving God and loving learning and being with my children is the best way to spend the day.  I am a newbie farmer who loves her goats and chickens and is really trying hard to create a garden on a steep slope in the middle of the woods with an abundance of deer and voles vying to fill their bellies with my abundance before I can harvest it.  Then there's the dog and cat who do their best to really does keep things lively!  

I learned the basics of crocheting, sewing, and quilting from my mom.  She was always working on something while my siblings and I were growing up and I cherished the dresses and other clothes she made me.  Unfortunately, with a large family when we outgrew clothes and no other child needed that size the items were donated pretty quickly so the items are gone but the memories are not.  What I do have is the skills she taught me and I've gone on to expand upon those skills and even learned new ones that I'm now using to start my first business. 

Why did I start my business?  Well, I love to create and I don't have a huge house or lots of storage space and there's only so many friends and relatives that will appreciate the time and thought I put into what I make.  Plus, my kids have MORE than enough blankets on their beds...but they still want more!  That left me with two choices: I could stop crafting or start selling what I make.  For now, I'm trying out this little website to see how it goes and then we'll take it from there and see what we can make of it.   

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